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About Promethium Marketing Singapore

About Promethium Marketing Corp.

Promethium Marketing Corporation (PMC), started out in 1998 as one of the biggest fuel distributors in the Philippines, supplying fuel and lube oil requirements of various industries–steel, land transport, shipping, food, ceramics, textile, packaging, hotels, chemicals, and others. PMC can accommodate large fuel requirements for automobile, marine, and industrial purposes. Fuel is what powers most industries, expedites operations, and will remain indefinitely valuable to corporations and organizations worldwide. This is the challenge and reality PMC openly accepted, mastered, and ultimately thrived at. It is known by respectable clients as a full-service fuel provider, responsible for sourcing, procuring, storage, transport, to fueling and other related operations in the fuel industry.

PMC also owns a fleet of delivery trucks, oil tankers, barges, ships and vessels ready to depart on land and on sea upon its client’s local and regional requirements, with operations on a 24 hour, 7 day basis, exceeding expectations.

Its capacituous portfolio and exponential local growth led PMC to become one of the industry leaders in Philippine domestic bunkering and vessel management, fully equipped with professional manpower, extensive technical understanding and resources on barges, vessels or ships to deliver on all ports within the Philippines–Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.